How I set up my blog

June 12, 2021

As with most blogs (I assume), the first post on this blog will be about the blog itself.

The source code for this website is (at least for now) available on github. But if you’re taking a look, do be aware that this is a repository designed to have exactly 1 contributor, so I’ve been very lax in terms of structuring commits. As I am doing this all in my spare time I will be cutting corners here and there.

It’s based on a template for Gatsby and uses the postcss plugin in order to use tailwindcss classes. Initially I wanted to use the JIT compilation feature of tailwind as I’ve not had a chance to use it yet. I found that in JIT mode code completion with tailwindcss-classnames (a favourite package of mine) too slow.

I chose Vercel to host it as it has a generous free tier and works great with Gatsby. I’ve had a lot of success using it in the past and find it to be perfect for my needs. I’m yet to see what happens when site hosted on vercel gets a lot of traffic, but I’m excited to find out.

Other than that, there’s not a huge amount to add at this stage, so hopefully by the time you are reading this there is some real content to read through.

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